Band of the Marked (and Friends)

Adventure Arc 2: To Havenstone
Coloring Changing Birds, Fantasy Malaria, Duels, Muk

Free of their bonds, the group headed north, hoping to return home. But the detours were not yet over!

  • The group helped a pixie, Aurendil, escaping a color-changing bird and defeated the bird. The bird was crazed, it seemed. It also seemed ‘polluted’, and the group investigated to figure out more.
  • The investigations led to magical poop, and a nest. Goliaths were busy stealing from the nest. Tracking them and trying to find answers to the growing number of questions around this odd bird and why “Avalyrn,” a spirit the goliath worshipped, would have anything to do with it, the group ended up high in the mountains, in a old set of passages. Kazuki found some documents with old myths and legends for someone called ‘The Historian
  • The group made their way through the passages. Elae got semi-eaten by a mimic and then nearly burned to death by Aurora’s insistence on seeing if a trap was in fact a trap.
  • The group finally got to Avalyrn’s place and discovered he had a speaker for him, a Vrogi. A little rude exploration, and the group discovered that in fact, Avalyrn is an earthquake dragon. Normally an adult earthquake dragon, she is gone for the moment and has left her very young dragon behind, with her Vrogi Voice to attend him.
  • Someone basically became penpals with the baby dragon while he was gone and asked him to carry on doing experiments like his mother did, offering him a set of potions to test. It seems these, amplified by a geode-like area, were used to create the warped Roc. The Roc’s side effects didn’t seem to be what was expected though.
  • The group freed the baby dragon’s will o’ wisps, and then stopped them from trying to kill the baby dragon. The wisps disappeared off into the world from there.
  • The baby got really upset when it discovered the group read its diary and in general, the group decided it was better to run than deal with a grumpy Psionic Guy and a baby dragon. Probably a good choice.

Curiosity somewhat satisfied, the group continued towards Havenstone through forests and bugs, but weren’t entirely sure of their course, so stopped in a small village. It was discovered Aurora has many strengths, but haggling is not one of them. A duel ensued, WWE-style, and the group quietly continued on their way.

Resting one night, the group was awoken by shouts and sounds of running in the woods around them. A teenager was running away from a small group of dragonborn on lizardback, and begged for help. Elae recognized the teen as a younger version of someone who had tried to kill most of the Band of the Marked during their spirit journeys on Tanyan during the war.

After some basic questions, the group managed to hide him and distract the dragonborn long enough to begin to escaping. Realizing the deception, the dragonborn made to follow, but were held off by Elae instead, giving the rest of the party a chance to get away. Elae fought but was overwhelmed by the dragonborn group, called “Watchers”, partially due to her increasing fever from the insects they’d encountered earlier in their journeys. This resulted in a lot of really weird dreams and hallucinations for Elae, and mounting a rescue operation for the rest of the party. It worked after a bit of destruction, and the group was safely reunited, now adding a new member- Muk, a cocky young psion with a lot raw talent but also a lot of attitude.

From here the group stopped here and there, but within a few days gratefully found themselves at the gates of Havenstone.

Past Adventures Arc 1: Slavers
Spider Giraffes?

Some time not too long before Aurora and Elae were captured by the Neogi, Kazuki ran into a similar problem- in his case, the Neogi had set up a literal tourist trap around an old golden obelisk.

He spent time with an odd Neogi who was very prideful of his catch, and seemed to be especially fond of odd baubles that were not inherently ‘valuable’. Kazuki spent some time playing around with an odd set of mirrors that reflect Kazuki’s different states, as well as a mysterious young woman he could catch here and there in the many reflections of the mirrors. He also secretly snagged a music box from the pile, which contained a small woman with swirling lights that danced around her. The box plays this song:

It turns out the Neogi had a buyer, a man by the name of Hareesh, who had recently come to be in possession of an important keep and lands by the name of The Bahannon. Kazuki spent about a month with him before they headed to the festival at Miyako in order to try and purchase a dragon for sale there.

Said dragon was Aurora, now in captivity along with the rest of the caravan, to be sold at the festival in Miyako. The group collectively ended up with a group working for Hareesh’s half-sister, but decided not to stick around and find out what they wanted. Kazuki had been asked by Hareesh to gather intel, but decided slavery really just wasn’t his Thing. Thus, the only known Conga Escape ensued, and the newly formed crew of Aurora, Kazuki, Elae and Sariq flew to freedom.

Past Adventures Arc 0
How'd we get here?

Aurora and Elae had a mission. Missions, really. Vander had sent them southward to the colonies in the mysterious continent Ordos:

  • Find out the state of the colonies as Ambassadors from the home islands
  • Aurora try to establish a magic school, Elae try and establish a local chapter of the White Circle
  • Secret Mission: Something is up with the Southern Trading Company. Investigate what’s going on with them and find evidence that might back up this claim.

The two set out from the islands on a boat for the three month trip. Some two months into their journey, a large vicious storm, with Aurora sensed traces of magic in, sunk their ship. The two managed to escape the peril and land on a small, mysterious island that appeared to be inhabited by pixies who rode on large orange beetles as mounts. The island was covered into interconnected trees, the trees themselves seemingly made of crystal. The pixies agreed to help the two get to the south through their portal they used once a year to trade with dragonborn, in exchange for not mentioning their island to anyone. The two ambassadors agreed, and were transported to another island, a small outpost manned by dragonborn. The dragonborn then transferred them to Kainos, the capital of the Western Arkhosian Empire.

Though surprised by the newcomers, they were allowed to go about their way. The two decided to try and find a way to Havenstone, and were able to suss out that in fact there was a trade caravan heading to the colony, only a week’s journey away. In their short exploration of the city, they encountered a young cleric of Ioun by the name of Nemesis, who had come to Kainos to track down a series of items stolen from the temple, and now was returning to Havenstone. In the caravan they also met a dragonborn singer, Sariq, who was eager to leave Kainos.

The first half of the trip proved uneventful, but when the caravan got attacked by a series of Neogi slavers, things took an unexpected turn the wrong way…


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