Band of the Marked (and Friends)

Past Adventures Arc 0

How'd we get here?

Aurora and Elae had a mission. Missions, really. Vander had sent them southward to the colonies in the mysterious continent Ordos:

  • Find out the state of the colonies as Ambassadors from the home islands
  • Aurora try to establish a magic school, Elae try and establish a local chapter of the White Circle
  • Secret Mission: Something is up with the Southern Trading Company. Investigate what’s going on with them and find evidence that might back up this claim.

The two set out from the islands on a boat for the three month trip. Some two months into their journey, a large vicious storm, with Aurora sensed traces of magic in, sunk their ship. The two managed to escape the peril and land on a small, mysterious island that appeared to be inhabited by pixies who rode on large orange beetles as mounts. The island was covered into interconnected trees, the trees themselves seemingly made of crystal. The pixies agreed to help the two get to the south through their portal they used once a year to trade with dragonborn, in exchange for not mentioning their island to anyone. The two ambassadors agreed, and were transported to another island, a small outpost manned by dragonborn. The dragonborn then transferred them to Kainos, the capital of the Western Arkhosian Empire.

Though surprised by the newcomers, they were allowed to go about their way. The two decided to try and find a way to Havenstone, and were able to suss out that in fact there was a trade caravan heading to the colony, only a week’s journey away. In their short exploration of the city, they encountered a young cleric of Ioun by the name of Nemesis, who had come to Kainos to track down a series of items stolen from the temple, and now was returning to Havenstone. In the caravan they also met a dragonborn singer, Sariq, who was eager to leave Kainos.

The first half of the trip proved uneventful, but when the caravan got attacked by a series of Neogi slavers, things took an unexpected turn the wrong way…



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