Band of the Marked (and Friends)

Past Adventures Arc 1: Slavers

Spider Giraffes?

Some time not too long before Aurora and Elae were captured by the Neogi, Kazuki ran into a similar problem- in his case, the Neogi had set up a literal tourist trap around an old golden obelisk.

He spent time with an odd Neogi who was very prideful of his catch, and seemed to be especially fond of odd baubles that were not inherently ‘valuable’. Kazuki spent some time playing around with an odd set of mirrors that reflect Kazuki’s different states, as well as a mysterious young woman he could catch here and there in the many reflections of the mirrors. He also secretly snagged a music box from the pile, which contained a small woman with swirling lights that danced around her. The box plays this song:

It turns out the Neogi had a buyer, a man by the name of Hareesh, who had recently come to be in possession of an important keep and lands by the name of The Bahannon. Kazuki spent about a month with him before they headed to the festival at Miyako in order to try and purchase a dragon for sale there.

Said dragon was Aurora, now in captivity along with the rest of the caravan, to be sold at the festival in Miyako. The group collectively ended up with a group working for Hareesh’s half-sister, but decided not to stick around and find out what they wanted. Kazuki had been asked by Hareesh to gather intel, but decided slavery really just wasn’t his Thing. Thus, the only known Conga Escape ensued, and the newly formed crew of Aurora, Kazuki, Elae and Sariq flew to freedom.



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