Elae Sestra


A very different lady than when events began years ago, here is a snapshot of Elae from the past

(imported from the old wiki)

Age: 21
Height: 5’ 8”
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Murderous Implement of Choice: Scythe
Likes: Open spaces, solitude, battle
Dislikes: Gwenn, incompetence

Elae was raised in the slums of Roh by her older brother, Joss. Their family had previously been in the service of a minor nobleman, Douchebacchus. He was a terrible master, and because of the abuse they suffered, Elae’s parents died when she was very young. They were of little use to Douchebacchus at that point, and thus were put on the street.

From that point on, Joss worked odd jobs wherever he could find them in order to survive. He and Elae grew up together and were pretty happy, considering the situation. However, that was not true forever. Enter douche bag number two, Callen. Callen was a low-ranking member of the city guard when Elae was 16. He often made advances towards her, but Joss’ presence deterred him from taking real action. One night, Callen brought some guard buddies of his to make a move while Joss wasn’t around. Elae, however, made enough noise during Callen’s assault that Joss heard and interrupted them. The other guards backed off, and Callen seemed to as well. After walking a few steps away, he turned and killed Joss in cold blood.

Soon after, Elae fled Roh, escaping across the bridge to Ananti and to the woods there. On her way, she raided a small village, stealing what food she could and a scythe to protect herself. The scythe she carries today is the same one, and has become a representation for her need for vengeance. She swore herself into the service of Melora, not because she has any faith in the goddess or her teachings, but because the power granted to her by the goddess serves her own ends.


Elae Sestra

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