Greg Young

STC Second-in-Command, Havenstone


Greg Young ran several of the day-to-day operations for the Havenstone branch of the STC, serving as Hank Thunderwood’s right-hand man.

Though he had no seemingly outward malicious qualities, the adventuring band noticed several things about him:

- During Thunderwood’s dinner party, he spent a few minutes quickly talking with Thunderwood’s wife in Thunderwood’s study. He gave her a few pills during their exchange, possibly for her disease. They seemed close.

- The same evening, Young and Miafabi met in the early hours, despite Miafabi not coming to the party earlier, claiming poor health. The two seemed to be talking, familiar with each other while sharing a smoke by the smithy.

- Young died several months back right after Thelzazod broke free from the old Iounian temple.

- He was found in the town square in Havenstone. The investigation concluded that he had first been poisoned by a recipe familiar to Islanders- a certain type of paralysis poison. Therefore, he did not struggle. He was killed at the square, his heart cut out. The cut clean and precise, practiced.

- [7/6] Elae and Kazuki learned from Whittaker that several months back he found the Havenstone guards, but couldn’t bring himself to tell others. This was because they all seemed to have killed each other, a few days out from Havenstone. The only corpse missing was that of Gaston Couls. A cufflink that probably belongs to Young was found nearby, by the remains of a Linked Portal spell.


Greg Young

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