Gwen Desani

Snarky bard.


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Gwendolyn Desani is the only child of Lord Luelian Desani, the Court Representative of the Elves of Liuliata. Although her father’s family is from Liuliata, Gwenn was raised in Amanth-Kor. Her childhood and early adolescence was shaped by a string of elven nannies, governesses and tutors, all of whom seemed to decide to leave early for some reason. During this period, she was often chastised for “behavior unbefitting of a lady,” such as challenging the butler to a sword fight (with a mop), climbing out of windows using vines, and stealing her father’s keys and then losing them. Visits to her grandparents’ estate on Liuliata were often cut short after some small disaster, scandal, or scene. This is unsurprising, since her grandparents generally disapprove of Gwenn. As she is now older, the things she gets into trouble for have changed significantly. Well, mostly, anyway. Although she is of age, she has oddly not been presented at court, a fact the Royal Family is beginning to bring up rather frequently. Indeed, it is becoming a serious point of conflict between Gwenn and her father and grandparents. This is partially because of Gwenn’s outright refusal “to be dressed up like a porcelain doll,” “treated like something breakable,” and “wooed by a bunch of noble boors.” Additionally, she insisted on attending University, something her family was appalled by. Is was finally agreed (after much nagging and slamming of doors) that she would be permitted to attend Bardic College, since “music is an appropriate pursuit for a young lady” and it did not necessarily mean that she was studying a trade.

Gwenn made friends quickly with fellow students. However, much to her father’s immediate disapproval, it was with students at the Wizarding Academy. Also not approved of is the fact that most of these new friends are male. In the evenings, she has taken to playing music in local pubs, both for fun and to earn some extra pocket money. This is also not approved of. After her performances, she would chat with patrons, most of whom were dwarves. It is from these dwarves that she learned Dwarven. In spare time she would join her wizard friends in the High Energy Magic Tower of the Acadamy, where they would run experiments, which Gwenn would then correct. During this time she has picked up a large quantity of random magical knowledge and know-how, which has not gone unnoticed, both in positive and negative ways.

Roughly 4 or 5 days before the campaign began, the High Energy Magic Tower exploded. Gwenn has been implicated, if for no other reason then the fact that she was not technically supposed to be there. This may or may not be true. We do not discuss this.

Race: Half-Elf
Height: 5’ 3" (with the boots, on a good day)
Weight: 110
Age: 20
Weapon of choice: Lute. Both for playing and for hitting with.
Likes: Adventure, rebelling, and fascinating magic
Dislikes: All this nobility nonsense, meddling grandparents


Gwen Desani

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