Cat cat cat.



  • Staff of Resiliance: +3 to attack rolls and damage rolls. Once per day, spend a healing surge to get 2x surge value temp HP.
  • Parchment Armor: +4 AC, up to 4 additional attack-roll points per day. It can transform into a book.
  • Circlet of Arcane Extension: Daily minor action, +5 range to arcane powers for 1 turn.
  • Amulet of Protection: +3 to fort/reflex/will, never actually gets mentioned.
  • Bracers of Iron Arcana: Daily minor action, +5 AC.
  • Potion Belt: Holds six potions, potions can be retrieved as a free action.
  • Boots: Pretty sure they’re not magical, but they were handy in that swamp.
  • Treeform Box: Daily standard action, turn into a tree!
  • Some books from the old Iounian temple.
  • Two Watchers’ necklaces.
  • 3 potions of Cure Moderate Wounds.
  • 1 Burning Bronze Rye Potion
  • 1 Potion of Lightning Resistance
  • 1 Potion of Cold Resistance
  • Blessing of Ioun: +2 to history checks because of weird semiprophetic contact.
  • 3615 GP.


  • Locate Thelzazod and WRECK HIS SHIT. SHIT: WRECKED
  • Don’t miss the Cryptic Notebook Event, because MYSTERIES. Mystery solved, it was a reincarnating deva who we needed to rescue from devils.
  • Mage student field-trip to the ruins by Havenstone, because LEVITATION. Field trip completed, research ongoing.
  • Hang out with Skarn, ask if Takara ever mentioned his cryptic notebook thingy. Nope, but she did invite me to a wedding.
  • See if the mage academy knows how to fix that tainted water. (Get out of here, Soft Cell.) Ongoing, it’s weird as crap and they’re considering working with some priests on how to unravel it.
  • Maybe help out with that Roh/Koh bridge thing if the levitation research goes well.
  • Speak to Emperor Vander on behalf of the Iounians – they’d like to be able to practice their faith inside Havenstone, at their new temple. Done, he’ll Have A Word with the mayor.
  • Investigate who actually built that temple in Havenstone, since it’s apparently been there for hundreds of years?!
  • For that matter, investigate Ordos’ history in general, there’s a LOT of weird shit here.
  • What was up with that one lake in my backstory? (Ongoing, it continues to screw with people’s heads.)
  • Leanne wants to investigate that other Iounian temple from the weird memory flashback. Found it, it was cool and had dragon bones and lots of books.
  • What is Sakhara’s entire deal? She appears to have been leading Kazuki to Chahiro, which leads directly into Weird Spirit Things.
  • Research spirit stuff.
  • Research Ordos history.
  • Bring Tim some sake. Sake delivered.
  • Find Tim a source for sake, and/or a direct trade for Elkridge ale.
  • Introduce Hoshiko (the Deva) to everyone, and then go out shopping so she can have a proper weapon. Also we gotta get her and Leanne to be friends, it’ll be the cutest.


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