7-foot blue, mostly naked, horned hero


(imported from the old wiki)


Ignoring Elae’s obvious ridiculous, Aurora decided to do the right thing and tell a little bit about Lmora (Wait, what? Aurora isn’t being crazy and burning things? NO WAI)

Actually, Lmora is a blue, 7 ft tall, socially awkward Tiefling who carries the staff of Urlu’lululula with her. This staff is known to speak to her, via the VOICE OF GOD, and helps her in situations when she has no idea what is going on, which happens to be fairly often unfortunately. She stole this staff from her family in Tanya and fled the island in order to destroy it. Apparently, it has been known to cause mass genocide and other bad situations, and thus she is on a quest to make sure this doesn’t happen again.
While she has been known to jazzercize across islands instead of walking like normal persons and tends to stare awkwardly at people, she has become slightly more adept in social situations than when our adventures first began (shocking, I know). She also has an affinity for her panther spirit and can purr for hours on end talking to it.

As far as I know, she does not, in fact, like big butts. This has yet to be determined.

UPDATE: Lmora does not like being hit in the head with cantapults or when certain dwarfs lose her dolphin. Do not irk the Tiefling.



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