Owen Laider

White Circle Second-In-Command


Owen is the son of a moderately wealthy family in Amanth-Kor, and the second of three sons. His father is a merchant in the city, and his older brother, Caleb, is in line to take over after their father dies. After working for the family business for some time, Owen joined the military at 19 and thrived, becoming a skilled marksman and officer. When Alina took over the islands, Owen stayed in the military out of loyalty for the organization, but as higher officials began to disappear and the city changed (i.e. registration of magic users), he realized that things weren’t the same as they were before.

There were rumors of a resistance group south of Liuliata, and about 7 months into Alina’s reign, he deserted and made his way there on one of his father’s boats. His skills were appreciated, and as the group became more organized, he became a key member of the non-magical section of the rebels, and one of Elae’s “advisors”. By the time the group mobilized, he had become a sort of second-in-command for Elae, and the most trusted member of the rebel group other than Aurora and Ripper. He is left in charge of the ground troops in the Siral Forest when Elae leaves to meet Bleeker on Hawspit.

When the war was over, Owen was asked by Elae to join the newly-formed White Circle as her second-in-command. He enjoys his job, though is often asked to do more than expected, as neither Elae nor Bear have any great love of paperwork.

Owen Laider

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