Hank Thunderwood

Local Head of STC, Havenstone


A handsome, charming fellow, Thunderwood is the type who always has a hearty handshake and amusing anecdote for all he meets.

Until recently, Thunderwood served as the primary administrator for the STC in Havenstone and the surrounding area with Greg Young serving as his second-in-command. Though not an original founder of the STC, Thunderwood is close to many of the founders and has served them faithfully for much of the company’s history. He began primarily working on the islands under Talyn Ayvez before he was transferred to his position in Havenstone.

After the death of Greg Young when the devil Thelzazod attacked Havenstone, Thunderwood has returned to the Ember Islands along with his wife, with Ayvez taking the reins of the STC’s southern operations in the meantime.

[7/6/2016] Having spent a few months in the Ember Isles, Thunderwood’s life came to a sudden end when his neighborhood turned to ash due to a massive fire. His wife also perished in the fires. The fires were one of the many events that occurred in Amanth-Kor during the handover of Nissa Luttrell.

One of the sources of the fire happened within the Thunderwood household. The two Thunderwoods died in their bed.


Hank Thunderwood

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