He's actually Jaiden. And the Emperor.


Fellow of 25 or so with a rather unassuming attitude most of the time who happens to run the entire Ember Isles chain. He sports a short ponytail, a lot of stubble that some day might resemble a beard, and gray eyes. He stands at around 5’ 10" with a thin but muscled frame that’s only really filled in in the last few years.

His actual name is Jaiden, after his grandfather, but he is not particularly fond of it and sees it as his ‘formal’ name primarily for family and Emperor Matters. For many years he tended to take on the name and personage of ‘Vander’, a minor noble from Stria, in order to be able to carry on a more normal and unrestricted life than he would as prince, and the name has stuck amongst most of his close friends.

His prefers swords when it comes to weapons, and his main weapon is a one-handed sword his father, Bear, and Franklin gave him when he turned 16.



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