An ancient and proud empire, today Arkhosia is but a fraction of the might it was long ago. Despite this, it sees itself as a bastion of civilization, a point of light in the midst of a continent mired in darkness and pettiness for the last millennium. A structured and lawful society, the dragonborn respect honor, strength, duty and family.

The empire was once large enough it spanned much of the northern half of Ordos, and ha two capitals. Today only Kainos, the newer of the two capitals, survives- holding itself as the living legacy of the Empire.


Meaning ‘newer’, the city proper is made of impressive architectures and filled with religious places and iconography of the dragonborn gods. The city also holds a number of provinces around it as vassal-states.

The Raldhashda: Translating roughly as “Temple of Voices”, this large building is constructed almost entirely from the crystals of the island of the pixies. It glows faintly, turning different colors as different tones hit and reverberate within the crystals. It’s outward appearance is that a of multi-faceted, giant dragon egg. It was built during the height of the Arkhosian Empire by the Golden Dragon. It stands as one of the center buildings of Kainos. Within holds a dedicated set of sacred singers who chant to Bahamut and to the Golden Dragon, so that he may rest peacefully, and one day reawaken to lead Arkhosia and the dragonborn once again. (See Sariq)


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