Elkridge, Das Durga, Freewilds


Stormbolt Fortress: A fortress built two generations ago by Hastil Felstorm, dedicated to the ancestor Kord. Outside stand four dragon figures, represent the four venerated ancestors, with the one representing Kord holding his arms forth as if to point to the giant fist that stands at the center of their circle. This bronze fist is the symbol of Kord, and dedicated to him. Recently, Skarn Felstorm has started rebuilding and renovating this fortress.

Nettlebright Swamps: These swamps are filled with hazards, and easy to become lost in for those who do not tread carefully. They are often inhabited by lurking predators and followers of Yuan-ti. These swamps are primarily to the south and east of the town.

Morningfall Summit/ Bhūta śīrṣa: This place exists in the mountains, about 6 miles away from town proper. Something long ago crashed on the summit, leaving strange ruins, including stone pieces that float in the air by some unknown force. The locals have a couple of different names for it- many call it Bhuta Sirsa, meaning ‘ghost top’ due to rumors of it being haunted, and the occasional disappearances. It turns out this is the remains of one of the Arkhosian Empire’s floating citadels that was used to transport troops, citizens, and goods across the empire. The spirits of those who crashed still remain lurking in its presence, waiting for the bloodlines to return and reclaim it. (See Johar Tiburcaex).

The Portal: Kept and protected by The Guild, this is access for trade to other lands.

The Sorghum Fields and The Breweries: Located primarily on the northeastern side of Elkridge, four families, their slaves and hired workers from the town produce the ingredients for alcohol, and then the distillation and creation of such beverages. Elkridge beverages are known throughout the north as the best source for alcohol, and part of their acceptance into the Portal Alliance was through their success with, and the demand for, their beverages. This is generally one of the best protected areas of the town.

Das Durga

Naya Durga

Actar Durga

Elkridge, Das Durga, Freewilds

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