Havenstone Locales


Entrance Gates and Palisade: Decorated with the crest of the royal family of the Ember Isles, these two gigantic doors of wood and metal have a set of flame-shaped handles. Normally these doors are closed at all times, with a smaller door open and guarded during day hours to allow people in and out of the settlement. These doors are set within a stone framing between two turrets for lookouts, and a parapet for walking between the two turrets. The rest of the walls around Havenstone are constructed of 8-10 foot poles of wood, a palisade around the settlement. Just outside the palisade is a pit, with more sharpened wood buried by them to provide further protection from marauding forces.

Harbor District

Harbormaster’s House: Part house, part public building and customs house where Harbormaster Combs does the day-to-day running of the harbor; captains pay docking dues, get charts from Combs, make cargo arrangements. (See Winford Combs)
The Salty Dog: A rough and tumble tavern owned by….him. No one’s seen the owner’s face or knows who he is. Has at least one fight a week. Tiny Gret runs the bar and wait staff. Fishermen, traders, merchants meet here throughout the day to do business deals, or for pleasure in the evenings. Shae Dagoward can often be found here in her off hours. Wrecked due to fire and and out-of-hand brawl, reopened recently.
Dagoward’s Apothecary: Owned by Shae Dagoward. Healing potions, poisons, etc. Also sometimes can appraise items, especially those needed to be kept on the down-low. Outside of the Iounian Temple, contains the greatest amount of books in Havenstone.
Melora’s Temple: The settlers of Havenstone decided to rearrange the bits of a set of ruins and rededicated it to Melora. This seems appropriate as these ruins seem to have reliefs of sea creatures. (See Kaines)
The Docks: These docks can hold a number of ships. Nearer to town, one will primarily find fishing ships of varying shapes and sizes. Further down are merchant and trade ships- usually only one maybe two at a time as these mostly come from the Ember Isles. The STC has its own docks within its compound.

Village Center:

Celestial Square and Temple of Lights: The Temple of Lights is a U-shaped building that houses the places of worship for Siadatra and Ul, gods of the Sun and Moon, respectively. It is one of the most decorated buildings in Havenstone, with painted on pictures in gold and silver leaf, as well as colorful paints. These paintings show stories of the Ember Isles mythos as well as symbols of the two gods. Each god has their own shrine area at an end of the U. The temple is run by Aldar (Siadatra) and Zeke (Ul). Just outside is the Celestial Square, which leads into the The Sun’s Way, a large boulevard that leads down to the shore and Harbor District.
Golden Monument: This obelisk is covered in unintelligible runes, and appears incredibly old, predating the colonies or other known groups that lived in the area. This obelisk is not unique to Havenstone, many others appearing throughout various places in Ordos. It apparently glowed during the battles in the Temple of Ioun.
Town Offices: These buildings are one of the few to be made in part with stone instead of wood- a marble facade shows off the importance of the building, which houses offices for those such as the head of guards and the mayor. Outside is a green that is used in part for training of the guard. There is also a small area that is kept as a small central ‘park’ area. (See Zirka Steinhart, Dagmar Firenst)
Town Market and Shops: Do you need to buy or sell things? This is probably where you’ll find the right person to do it.


Greengrove Quarter: Greengrove is a place where many of those who have struck it rich in Havenstone have decided to make their homes. These houses are wealthy enough to have windows of actual glass, good stone and timber, and large floor plans or even second floors.The ambassadors’ house is also in this area. (See: Uco Miafabi, the Eberstark family, Madam Trixie)
Slim’s: Slim’s is the tavern where average workers go at the end of a hard day’s work to drink, swap stories, and perhaps gamble a bit. It is not as exclusive as The White Rose, nor is it as outright rowdy and seedy as The Salty Dog. Poorer travelers can find room and board here for a moderate price, and so Slim’s is the place to find more respectable merchants from outside of Havenstone. (See Slim)
Reclaimed Temple of Ioun: Confirmed to be a temple of Ioun several hundred years ago, it seems that the actual building predates the arrival of the Iounians. The building is notable for its built-in protective wards that absorb magic and damages. Originally planned to be the primary academic building for a town Magic Academy, the town has tacitly given the Iounians their temple back in the name of ‘research’ and cataloging the temple’s history and items. This happened after cleaning out a strange combination of devil and far realm infestations that claimed all who tried to enter the place. The place seems to have suffered from severe water damage or flooding at some point. The old Iounians seem to have been a offshoot group separate from other Iounian groups of the time.


The White Rose: Owned by Kim and her partner, this is the finest tavern in Havenstone. It also offers rooms for those who wish to stay in Havenstone, renting out rooms on the second floor of building (it is one of the few places in town to have a second floor).

Outside the Gates:

Temple (Cabin) of Ioun: This temple lays within short walking distance of the main gate of Havenstone. The surface layer is a small log cabin with a dirt floor and a few chairs for sitting and studying. This area leads to a packed-dirt ramp that spirals down two levels. Built into the walls alongside these ramps are rough shelves for keeping scrolls, lamps, and items belonging to the followers of Ioun. The bottom floor also has chairs and tables for providing workspace. (See Leanne)
Temple of the Venerated Ancestors: A small temple dedicated to those who worship the ancestor-gods, primarily dragonborn.
Shrine to Melora: A smaller set of stones and elements have been set up here as a more intimate shrine to Melora, for those who wish to pray to their fortunes on land, especially in the forests of Melora.
Mysterious Doors: Creepy doors surrounded by a circle of stones. A story from Ulfric suggests the place holds pictures relation to psionics, but with hard-to-understand meanings.

Havenstone Locales

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