Psionics are found primarily in the northern half of Ordos- they are far rarer in the southern deserts, and are seen as prized objects there. The Psions were seen as one of the advantages of the Arkhosian Empire during the Arkhosian-Tulathi wars of the past.

In the north, there are a few general paths a person born with psionic abilities will take.

Arkhosian Lands:

In Draconic, psions are called ‘Abhiphra’ (Ab-ee-fra). If a psion is born within the Arkhosian boundaries, their vassal states, or protectorates, they will within the first few years of their life usually be brought to one of the compounds known as the Surukan (meaning ‘protective, safety’ within the empire). As some more cynical will point out, no one knows if the ‘protection’ of the name is for the Abhiphra or for the rest of the members of society. Both, perhaps.

(Surakan: These are multiple, scattered within and around Kainos. Meaning ‘protective’ and ‘safety’ in draconic, they are homes created for psions within Arkhosian society. These complexes provide places for psions’ abilities to be safely honed. Their meaning of safety is meant both for the psions they house, and for the Arkhosians they separate them from. Different ones often have different focuses, and for most, they are enough, hardly knowing what’s beyond except for what’s studied. By keeping the psions focused and undistracted by the outside world, they can best assist their brethren and country, it’s believed. There are some Surakan that are specifically for younger psions who later move to other Surakan to specialize, while other Surakan are run as more general units of young to old. (See Abhiphra, Vrogi, Watchers))


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