When gods and primordials fought, Melora and Inez fought a great primordial of storm and sea. They were able to defeat the primordial and bind it, but not completely kill it. It is said that a piece of its blood, its being, escaped this entrapment. The Orb of Storms.

Stories vary on how exactly this piece became free, or if it could be used to free the primordial, but all stories agree that it broke into pieces- most likely due to Melora- and the shards became scattered in the world, bringing power to those who possessed them.

Current Best Guesses of Shard Locations:

1 shard: In Matthias’ stony hand at the WC headquarters
1 shard: Hidden somewhere within the Ember Islands by Gotama
1 shard: Hidden somewhere within the ruins of the ancient capital of Arkhosia, Palainos.
2 shards: Embedded in Ashardalon’s chest.
X shards: Rumored to be in the Elemental Chaos
3 shards: Under Melora and Inez’s protection


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