Ember Dragons


Until recently, it was thought that all the dragons of the Ember Isles had either died or fled in the Dragon Wars many centuries ago. With them, most knowledge of the Ember Isles dragons’ culture appeared to be lost as well. The common perception, it has been discovered, was wrong.

The end of the Dragon Wars did see the end of many dragons, but a few learned to hide- sometimes in remote islands where few humanoid ships dare sail. Others learned and mastered a magic that allowed them to present themselves as humanoids and hide in plain sight. The magics did affect the dragons, making their growth smaller. The largest were now no larger than 20-25 feet. This was the dragons’ ways until Aurora Silvermoon helped return them to the public’s view, and led them to help the rebels during the Winter Queen’s War.

These changes mean that now the remaining dragons live openly in Ember Isles’ society. The Grand Cleric has returned the Mount Zanai to the dragons, and several of the dragons have chosen to live there. Many of the islanders of the area still choose to live there as well, and so the two groups live side by side. It’s also led to a new tradition of competitive games on dragonback. This means some dragon and islanders have begun to form teams and dragon-islander duos that may be useful for battle.

Origins & Culture

Dragon say they come from lava, sprayed forth into the world already in flight by the very first dragons. The Firsts lived deep in the depths, a world of all water and darkness. When the Firsts traveled up, up further than they’d ever gone before they saw in the distance a strange light. Each attempted to find out what lay above, near the light. As each burst through the surface of the water they shouted in delight as they saw the sun for the first time. But as each one breached the surface of the waters they all turned to stone, forming the lands and islands of the world. Their roars shot out fire and lava, creating dragons. The volcanoes of the world still shout with the Firsts.

Dragons are known for their love of discovery, adventure, science and exploration.

Known Dragons/ Important Dragons of the Ember Isles

Kor: Kor was a pretty chill guy, for possibly the biggest dragon that ever lived. Head of the Amanth tribe, Kor was inquisitive and strong believer in peace. He was blamed for the death of second-in-command dude in the human party during the treaty negotiations. He was reluctant to go to war with the humans, but after the slaughter of several Amanth tribe’s young, he had no forgiveness for the humanoids and lead the battle against them. Nearly indestructible, he was brought down by a mysterious magic and by Othion with a sword and shield made from materials from Kor’s own body that he’d given to the humans at the treaty meeting 50 years before. Amanth-Kor is named after him and is built upon his remains.
Dustin Redtail:

Remaining Dragon Clan Names

Dragons of the Bone Ashes
Dragons of the Red Tails
Dragons of the Silver Moon
Dragons of the Coral Isles
Dragons of the Amhaelen
Dragons of the Southern Winds

Ember Dragons

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