• Psychic-resistance Roc feathers x2
  • 1 piece of the Rod of Seven Pieces (With the Iounians for study at the moment??)
  • Music boxes, one seemingly blasted shut (1 with Kazuki, 1 with group)
  • Box opened by fire (Kept by Aurora in Havenstone)
  • Magical rope (With Aurora)
  • 1 Container of weird blasting materials (With Elae, presumably)
  • Set of keys marked ‘Keep’ (With Kazuki)
  • a silver compass (+3 on dungeoneering and nature checks to determine direction)
  • bone set from the Red Dragon’s Pit/Hangout spot

From Old Battle Site in the Mountains:

  • Lost Arkhosian Standard
  • 2 Silvered Arkhosian Officers’ Short Swords
  • +4 Ancient Tulathi Bloodforce Sniper Longbows x15
  • Circlet of Arkhosia
  • Psionic Dampener Circlet
  • Increased Dragon’s Breath Circlet
  • Bronze Circlet
  • Box of ? ?
  • +4 Gold-detailed General’s plate armor (Identified as +4 Summoned Armor)
  • +4 Bloodtheft Leather Armor (Went to Aurora)
  • Fingerbones for returning to site.


Band of the Marked (and Friends) ladyauiva