Islands and Culture


The Ember Isles consists of seven sister islands, as well as a range of smaller islets that serve as trade and service places outside the domain of normal island law. This archipelago chain formed through volcanic hotspots. The climate is generally near-tropical in nature (think certain Mediterranean climates), but with fairly chilly waters. A long coral reef stretches off not far from the westernmost island, Liuliata.

The Ember Isles were once inhabited primarily by dragons. Now they are inhabited primarily by several humanoid races, the descendants of colonist refugees who found and settled the islands just over 900 years ago.

The Islands

Ananti: The largest of the seven main islands (In real world terms, about the size of Massachusetts). The island was one of the first to be explored by the refugees from the North. The island includes the capital of the islands, Amanth-Kor, located on the southern coast of the island. The capital is built upon the battleground of the final battle of the Dragon Wars. The island has several other cities, most of them port cities. Expect to find cities to be strong mixes of races and peoples (especially Amanth-Kor), while many villages and hamlets in more remote areas will usually consist of a single type of peoples.

On the eastern side of the island lays a large mountain- a dead volcano named Amhaelen. Several dragons claim it as their home base.

Roh and Koh: Nicknamed ‘the twins’, Roh and Koh


Humans are the predominant race on the islands, closely followed by elves and dwarves. Half-elves are very common as well, however half-dwarves are much rarer as dwarves are looked down upon.

Noble elves (eladrin) exist primarily on Liuliata, and tend to keep within their own bloodlines. Halflings, until recently, also only existed on Liuliata as the workers of the Eladrin, but now have begun to head to other islands where work can be found (such as Roh and Koh). Roh has certain slums that are predominantly elven, but this is also beginning to change.

Tieflings, until recently, purposely tended to isolate themselves on Tanyan.

Islands and Culture

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