Ordos Dragons

Ordos boasts five different dragon clans: The Reds, Whites, Blues, Greens, and Blacks. These days, most clans only have one remaining member. Only the Whites and Blues have multiple members. This makes the other dragons no less terrifying to the Ordosian population.

Each clan holds a large swath of territory in Northern Ordos. They maintain a carefully, delicate peace among themselves with the Penteverate- an agreement that lets them meet to discuss continent matters, and a rough agreement to help one another in times of trouble.

Each clan’s members are listed below, along with their Voice- a humanoid chosen by the dragon leader to act as their remote eyes, ears and voice in matters when they are unable to be present.

The Red Dragon (Real Name?)
Voice: No one’s sure if he actually has one.

Leader: Lord of Clouds/ Fred
Bitterstrike (deceased)
Skysmash (deceased)
Sunslasher (Female White Dragon, rumored to be lost in the Feywild)
Voice: Vanara, an elf.

Leader: Ashardalon (semi-secretly in the Elemental Chaos. Party heard rumor he is traveling with an earthquake dragon)
Aurora Silvermoon
Voice: Mishva Stormhorn, a dragonborn.

Voice: Fadima Alam, an elf.

Warper of the Depths (rumored to be cursed against daylight)
Voice: Ah :click: Jak (a Neogi?!)

Baby Earthquake dragon/ ‘Avalyrn the Spirit’.
Voice: A Vrogi.

Ordos Dragons

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